TOOLGUY Wet/Dry Electric Polishing Tool

variable speed wet and dry grinder
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  • Item #: EL-PKVSWD1

TOOLGUY GRANITE MARBLE AND STONE POLISHER 110V-60Hz, 8 Amps, Weight 5.7 lbs, 5/8-11 UNC Spindle thread. Variable switch for speed from 500 - 4,500 RPM. The RPM range reduces heat build-up when polishing engineered stone, which eliminates burning or scorching the work piece. It also has a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter safety feature which GFCI goes off when water enters inside the tool's housing preventing the operator from receiving electric shocks. Quick water connectors and the C-Handle for easy operation. Use for wet or dry polishing of marble, granite, stone and concrete surface with wet or dry diamond polishing pads. Parts Included: C-Handle and Side-Handle, Lock On Switch, Splash Guard, Wrench, Faucet/Garden Hose Adapters, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and Instruction Manual.

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Price $389.00