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  • Item #: EL-GD3

New Gas Powered 3-1/8" Post Driver. All new and able to drive up to 3" posts. First gas powered post driver on the market! Lightweight and portable - just 35 pounds The new toolguy gas driver is powered by a 4-stroke Honda GX35 engine that drives 1000+ posts on a single gallon of gas. Our driver is so portable and easy to use, you can build a fence on hand, rocky ground and rough, hilly terrain. It's versatile and able to handle a variety of fencing posts, ground rods, and fence stakes for all types of fence; including chain link fencing, silt fencing, t post fencing and vineyard fencing. Delivers 1820 blows per minute, equal to a pneumatic driver. The 4-Stroke Honda GX35 engine runs dependably at 360 degree angles! Automatic 3 year warranty! Build a fence faster and easier than ever before with the new Toolguy Gas Post Driver! More affordable and efficient than a pneumatic driver Improves production by reducing worker fatigue Meets all USA emissions and noise regulations 2 year engine warranty, 3 year parts warranty Drive 1000 + posts on a single gallon of gas Built for continuous use with typical posts. Access tough areas that air drivers cannot. Drives up to 3" post with the 3-1/8" barrel. Spring loaded ergonomic handles absorb the shock. Works fantastic on T-Post fence, vineyard fence posts, chain link fencing, silt fence stakes and great for driving ground rods! This is the largest and the strongest post driver available on the market. Questions? Call us at 1-800-350-8665

We now have a 2-1/2' Handle Extension Kit Available for Purchase. Call us at 1-800-350-8665 Ext 100






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Price $2,299.00