Loyd's Rivet Drill Guide Kit

Loyd's Rivet Drill Guide Kit
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  • Item #: LRDG-1-KIT


Necessity is the Mother of Invention! A must have Kit for any rivet removal work. 

A must have kit for all aircraft maintenance facilities

Loyd's Rivet Drill Guide Kit is a simple tool that makes it easy to remove installed rivets. This kit

 contains 5 different drill guides made of work hardened steel, 5 matching Cobalt Jobber Drill bits and


Eliminate misdrilled rivets forever. This cool tool keeps drill bits from skating or walking off the heads of rivets and

dancing across the skin, gouging the corrosion barrier on the skin and chewing up the customers paint job.

This kit allows you to center the drill bit "dead center" on the protruding style rivet head so you can

 drill through the head of the rivet every time regardless of experience. Once the head is drilled through

the remaining shank can be drilled through or knocked out. The Drill Guide is designed to work on Round, Universal,

Pan, Brazier, Oval and Trus style heads.

The Kit includes: 5 Rivet Drill Guides with Cobalt Drills For: 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", & 1/4" Diameter Rivets.

A canister of Boelube. Boelube is a special formulated lubricant patented by Boeing Aerospace.

Also comes with a great beautiful polycarbonite locking carrying case.

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