Automatic Long Handle Hog Ring Pliers

Automatic Hog Ring Pliers, Long Handle
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  • Item #: HT-PHRA9

Commercial grade Hog Ring Pliers with Magazine installs 9-Ga. (3.8 mm) collated aluminum rings or exclusive 9-Ga. (3.8 mm) collated steel rings. Easily secures 7-Ga. (4.5 mm) wire to 9-Ga. (3.8 mm) chain link fence. Designed to address the most stringent regulatory codes, this commercial grade hog ring pliers ensures uninterrupted operation to quickly install extra secure 9 Ga. (3.8 mm) collated aluminum rings or exclusive 9 Ga. (3.8 mm) collated steel rings anywhere along a chain link fence. Long handles save time and effort with plenty of leverage and reach. The 25-count strips of collated rings can be loaded into the pliers’ symmetrical magazine from either direction. A plunger feed automatically sets up each ring. There is no need to manually rotate the magazine out of the way as the pliers’ clinching mechanism brings the ring forward of the nose for easy access to tension wire and fence. The magazine easily folds down for safe and easy storage of tool. Call for special pricing on hog ring magazines.

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