19" Protective Arm Guard For Razor Wire Work

Protective arm guard
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  • Item #: GL-PS19HA

No more snags, punctures, abrasions, or cuts to the forearm. Most customers experience a 60% reduction in safety costs by upgrading to our arm guards from leather, Kevlar®, Dyneema, or other fiber-based arm protection. Engineered to provide the highest levels of protection in areas where risk is the greatest. “One of the biggest reasons for the success of our safety program is our employees really trust the products they’re using. There’s no hassle to get them to wear PPE because they were so closely involved in selecting it. They already know they’ll like working with it.” -Large Metal Fabricator Sizes are usually typically the same sizes as gloves. If you plan on wearing the arm guard over shirt sleeves, you may want to order one size larger. Sold per sleeve.

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